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Local Wisdom Value {Ngaos, Mamaos dan Maenpo) is Function as Base Character Education of Student High School in Cianjur Regency

October 6th 2016; ISBN: 978-979-17115-9-3
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Oleh : Ibnu Hurri, H., S.Sos., M.Pd; Asep Munajat, M.Pd, Universitas Muhammadiyah Sukabumi
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Keyword : Local Wisdom Value, Character Education


The research is based on globalization phenomena that has a positive and negative influence which is signed by disappearing of local wisdom values, including the tradition of ngaos, mamaos, and maenpo in Sundanese society. The research tries to find out how local wisdom value has a fitnction in forming a High School student character in Cianjur regency and to know: (I) How is the role of local wisdom (ngaos, mamaos, and maenpo) in growing student responsibility character, 2) How is the role of local wisdom (ngaos, mamaos. and maenpo) in anticipating social phenomena in High School student, and 3) How is the role of family, society, and school in forming a character that bases on local wisdom (ngaos, mamaos, and maenpo), A qualitative approach and descriptive method uses to conduct the research. The data was obtained by in depth interview, observation, and document study to 1

student documents at school. The result shows that: i) The local wisdom (ngaos, mamaos, and maenpo) can grow student responsibility character. 2) The local wisdom (ngaos, mamaos, and maenpo) can anticipate social phenomena in High School student, by participating school activity such as: reading koran, art or martial arts, it is avoided from negative things especially student criminal such as drug, free sex, fighting, and drinking They were ashamed to to such things and felt guilty because they realize it is not supposed to be done. 3) The role of family, society, and school affects in forming student character, it can be seen from student attitude that the family, society, or school applies local wisdom values has a less student problem. The student who participate the activity of ngaos, mamaos, and menpo at his/her house or family shows a good attitude and a good character compares to others student. It proves from consuling teacher note.

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