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Path: Top Prosiding 2016

Pengembangan Literasi Mahasiswa PGSD Melalui Metode Mind Mapping Berbasis Kontruktif Islami

Proceeding International Seminar 2016, ISBN 978 979 3786-57-5
Proceeding from JBPTUMMIPP / 2016-08-04 16:15:40
Oleh : Iis Nurasiah, Universitas Muhammadiyah Sukabumi
Dibuat : 2016-04-29, dengan 10 file

Keyword : literacy, mind mapping, constructive islami


PGSD students as future teachers can not achieve high performance without the guidance of a skilled and professional, enough learning time, space motion, and learning resources around them. Literacy is a conceptual framework that is -sed as a guide for carrying out activities in the classroom to improve skills r ated to reading and writing. Application of the method Mind Mapping based instructive Islamic or uncharged Islamic values become very important as a demand to develop and inculcate Islamic values in every subject studied student as prospective elementary school teachers, so that lecturers are not only transfer knowledge but animates each transfer science with Islamic values sourced to the Quran. Mind Mapping is a method of utilization of the entire brain visual images and other graphics infrastructure to form an impression. Mind Mapping is a record-based Islamic constructive creative thinking of student in which there are lectures containing the values of Islamic creative. In addition, the demands of moral education that comes from religious values are also of the demands of prospective elementary school teacher competencies that must be met to overcome the problems of degradation of moral and religious values in sosciety.

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