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Language Variation of Teenagers in the City of Sukabumi

Colalite 2013, hal.176-186
Proceeding from JBPTUMMIPP / 2015-05-27 09:27:53
Oleh : Lusi Susilawati. S. S., M. Hum; Siska Hestiana, S. S., M. Hum, Universitas Muhammadiyah Sukabumi
Dibuat : 2015-05-26, dengan 12 file

Keyword : Language variation, teenagers.

This is a research about Language Variation of Teenagers in the City of Sukabumi. The aim of this research is to systematically, factually and accurately describe about the facts or the characteristics of Language Variation of Teenagers in the City of Sukabumi.

The method applied in the research is descriptive qualitative. The data sources are primary data either in spoken or written ones related to language variation used by the teenagers in the City of Sukabumi. Besides, recordings are also required to make the data more valid.

The research results showed that the languages used by teenagers in the City of Sukabumi are widely varied, for examples the lack uses of Sundanese, mixing language, and the use of foreign languages especially English. In terms of vocabulary, the researchers found the use of colloquial, reversing words, shortening words, playing words, playing sentences, and the use of word taken from celebrity.

The finding of the research is the form of colloquial. The researchers found the new form of Colloquial, it is Colloquial Ken. The language variations of the teenagers are influenced by some factors such as following their friends' way of speaking, and to make a cool look.

From the analysis, it is concluded that group A (the students of Junior High School) is the group that mostly use language variation in verbal communication.

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