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Pengaruh nonperforming financing terhadap pembiayaan mudharabah Pada Bank Syariah Mandiri, Tbk Periode (BSM)

Ekonomi volume 2 Edisi 3 Hal. 18
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By : Mia Rusmiati, Tanti Agustiani, Universitas Muhammadiyah Sukabumi
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Keyword : non performing financing to mudharabah finanancing

This study analyzed the influences non performing financing to mudharabah finanancing of the islamic banks mandiri since 2003 up to 2012. Variabel that is utilized in reserarch were non performing financing to mudharabah finanancing.

The method used is descriptive method of verification with quantitativeapproach. Statistical testing techniques used are simple linear regression, correlation analysis, coefficient of determination, t test and f. As well as the annual financial statements using the population of PT. Bank SyariahMandiri, Tbk in the period 2003-2012.Sampling of 10 financial statements. Bank SyariahMandiri, Tbk using purposive sampling method. Applications and uses statistical product and service solutions (SPSS) for Windows to reinforce17:00calculationsmanually.

Simple regression test results, the results obtained constants and coefficients b0 = 34,9 b1 = 18,4. To determine the influence of X and Y are used formula coefficient of determination, so that the obtained coefficient of determination of 28%, 28% means that the is influenced by the mudharabahfinancinglevel of NPF .While the remaining 72% is influencedbyotherfactorsthatarenotincludedinthisstudy.

Based on the results of this study concluded that non-performing financing is no significant effect on mudharabah financing.because of the ease of obtaining and financing is alsohandling non-performing financing by using the scheme reshendullingandreconditioning

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